College Counseling

Hyde Park Schools graduates are prepared and equipped to be successful at the highest level of collegiate academics. Throughout a student’s time at Hyde Park they will be supported by a College and Academic Counselor from the minute they step foot onto the high school campus. From choosing a sequence of courses to explore a student’s interests to ensure a level of rigor that makes a student desirable as a college applicant, the College and Academic Counselors serve as a resource and guide for each family along the way. The preparation for this journey begins in 7th grade with course selection and guidance and continues to grow and become more intentional, individual, and direct as students draw nearer to the college application season. Our desire is that students feel empowered, prepared, and supported as they dream about the possibilities of what the future might bring.

Beginning in Middle School, families have the opportunity to meet with the College and Academic Counselors during course selection in the spring. As entering freshmen, each student has the opportunity to meet with their Counselor to select courses, to weigh out possibilities, and to begin the discussion about college and career interests. Sophomore and Junior year are filled with large group meetings, individual appointments, training and workshops that equip students with the knowledge and skills to successfully complete college applications.

Not only are Hyde Park students guided in this process, but they are known to their counselors, which means that each student receives an individualized approach. No two students are the same therefore no two students are guided the same. The guidance a Hyde Park student receives is tailored and individual to what each student needs. The services that are offered with our Counselors encompass all aspects of the college admissions experience:

  • School selection and list-making
  • Course selection appropriate to student interests
  • Essay coaching, guidance, and proofreading
  • Resume support and reviews
  • Supplemental essay guidance and proofreading
  • Scholarship and Honors application assistance
  • College Application navigation and assistance
  • Majors and career exploration

Counseling Leadership

Shirley Carr
College & Academic Counselor
High School
Melissa Frausto
College & Academic Counselor
High School