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As students enter Hyde Park High School, they encounter caring teachers, a challenging curriculum, and various courses that meet their needs to become student leaders. From Spanish to Calculus to AP English IV, students achieve their highest potential. Our academics are designed to challenge students. A full range of academic offerings includes Dual Credit Courses, AP and Advanced courses, as well as the LEAP Program, a successful academic support program specifically for students with diagnosed learning differences. At Hyde Park High School, family expectations are high and results are proven. HPHS students complete their high school careers academically, socially, and spiritually prepared for our nation’s top universities.

Hyde Park High School has a student culture committed to leadership, service, and integrity. Christ-centered leadership skills are also developed at HPHS through Student Council, National Honor Society, Youth and Government, Yearbook/Newspaper, and weekly Chapel. HPHS students learn first-hand about serving others by participating in a schoolwide Day of Service where HPS students, faculty, and staff band together to reach out to serve the local community through Panther Days.  

Hours spent studying, rehearsing, learning, and growing ... it all comes down to graduation day.. All HPHS students graduate under the Distinguished Graduate degree plan. Click the Course Catalog button for detailed course information.

Biblical Integration

Hyde Park Schools is deeply convicted by the calling and privilege to influence the spiritual development of students. With this in mind, students are invited to encounter Christ not just in their core classes, but through intentional course offerings and events that encourage their growth in the Christian faith.

All freshmen are given a strong foundation as they take Biblical Survey and learn God’s story from Genesis to Revelation and the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith.

All Sophomores will take The Gospels and study from a biblical perspective the journey of Christ and his disciples. Students are exposed to the purpose and content of the Gospels, critical issues of the Gospels, and textual issues of the Gospels. This class will focus on the life, ministry, and teaching of Jesus. Students will engage with the "Good News" of Jesus and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

All Juniors will take World Religions and examine the history, beliefs, and practices of major world religions, cults, and new religious movements. These groups are compared to and contrasted with the teachings of historic, orthodox Christianity.

All Seniors will take Apologetics in the Fall semester and journey deeper into why Christianity provides the most compelling, livable, and coherent view of life that fulfills the deepest longings of the human heart. In the Spring seniors will take a Senior seminar course and learn how to confidently talk about their faith in light of the current culture and other world religions. Seniors will be required to complete a full presentation regarding findings from a culmination of their Bible courses at HP.  

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High School Leadership

Marcia Turner
Student Life Coordinator
High School
Melanie Challberg
Student Support Counselor
High School
Shirley Carr
College & Academic Counselor
High School
Melissa Frausto
College & Academic Counselor
High School
Ashley Danks
LEAP Coordinator
High School



Unofficial transcripts for current students are available for viewing by logging into OnCampus.

Alumni Official Transcripts

Official transcripts can be requested for any Hyde Park alumni or former student. Please contact the Registrar to request a transcript to be sent on your behalf.


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