Student Life

Fine Arts

Exploring Creativity & Sharing Talents

Our Fine Arts program inspires students to love art, to explore its many forms, and to become driven, innovative thinkers. From visual arts to performing arts, we aim to create for our students educational experiences that combine dedicated hard work and freedom to play, inviting them into art study and practice as both a rigorous and fulfilling endeavor.

Our talented faculty members commit to providing optimal environments for student growth, which include space and time for self-expression and reflection as students work on mastering fundamental skills.

All-Steinway School

We’re proud recipients of the global and prestigious  All-Steinway School designation.

Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated by providing our students with the finest Steinway pianos for the study of music.

The Art of Learning:
Visual Arts

At every level, our visual arts program celebrates personal expression and connects our students to history, diverse cultures, and to their own imaginations. Some of our offerings include Digital Art, Intro to Art, 2D Studio Art, Drawing, AP Studio Art, and AP Drawing.

The Power of Expression: Performing Arts

Our performing arts program is a valuable asset to the school community. It provides students with the opportunity to develop their creativity, learn new skills, and perform in front of an audience. The program also helps students to build confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Some of our offerings include Film Studies, Guitar and Bass, Music Lab, Technical Theatre, Theatre Performance, Band, Worship Band, Concert Choir, Show Choir, Piano, Photography, Yearbook, Advanced Yearbook, HPTV (Journalism and Video Production), and more!

A passion for Performance:
The Prancers

The Hyde Park Prancers is a high school performance and competitive dance team for the purpose of representing and supporting Hyde Park Schools through dance. The Prancers perform at pep rallies, sporting events, and in fine arts shows to cultivate school spirit and sportsmanship. As an award-winning competitive team, the Prancers compete in events throughout Texas, at the TAPPS State Dance Championships, and at Nationals. The program is committed to intentionally investing in the dancers to develop Christ-like characteristics, in tandem with technique, presentation, and unity.

Recent awards include:
2023 1st Place Nationals Classic Pom & Best in Category
2023 3rd Place Nationals Classic Kick
2023 Most Admired - Camp
2023 Staff Award for Most Impressive Team - Camp
2023 Top Home Routine - Camp
2023 Supreme Award - Highest Scoring Team – Camp
Invited to dance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

After-School Fine Arts Opportunities

Hyde Park's own Elementary Fine Arts teachers will offer after-school classes in Art, Rhythm Ensemble, and Orchestra. Please see our complete list below. Second semester opportunities will be shared prior to Christmas break.

Please contact the teacher listed or Aubrey Kirkpatrick, with any questions.

Our Talented Staff

Our Fine Arts department staff bring a wide range of talents to the table, including teaching, performance, and technical skills. They are passionate about their art forms and are dedicated to helping students develop their own artistic talents. They create a supportive and encouraging environment where students can explore their creativity and express themselves freely.