Ways to Support

Shine Bright Supporters

Thank you to all of our 2023-2024 Shine Bright Annual Fund donors. We are so thankful for your generosity and support!

Abbott Family
Abby Payne
Alderson Family
Amato Family
Anderson Family
Barclay Family
Barley Family
Barnard Family
Barnhill Family
Barrett Family
Bartholomew Family
Bates Family
Becak Family
Bell Family
Berra Family
Bertram (Gaboriau) Family
Billingsley Family
Blalock Family
Bloede Family
Boggus Family
Boyd Family
Boyd Family
Braddock Family
Brandon Family
Brickman Family
Brown Family
Bufkin Family
Cajas Family
Campbell Family
Carlson Family
Casas Family
Cervenka Family
Chaffee Family
Chanis Family
Chavez Family
Chibib Family
Childers Family
Clay Family
Coffin Family
Coleman Family
Collins Family
Cone Family
Conquest Family
Court Family
Coy Family
Craddick Family
Crowley Family
Crowley Family
Dallas Family
Dallas Family
Dallmer Family
Daniel G Van Clief Jr
Daniels Family
Danks Family
Davis Family
Davis Family
Davison Family
Davison Family
DeLanoy Family
Dennsion Family
Dishinger Family
Dolieslager Family
Donley Family
Duewall Family
Dunton Family
Eckman Family
Elliott Family
Elliott Family
Ellis Family
Embrey Family
Erickson Family
Erwin Family
Everett Family
Falls Family
Farmer Family
Feasel Family
Fernald Family
Fitzpatrick Family
Fleming Family
Flores Family
Ford Family
Fouillet Family
Fowler Family
Friday Family
Gallagher Family
Garrison Family
George Family
Gilbert Family
Gnagi Family
Granger Family
Grant Family
Gravatt Family
Gray Family
Green Family
Gregorcyk Family
Griffith Family
Guerra Family
Hajdu Family
Halder Family
Hale Famaily
Hamilton Family
Harper Family
Hassack Family
Heard Family
Heard Family
Helble Family
Henrichson Family
Henry Family
Herman Family
Hill Family
Hindman Family
Hissey Family
Howard Family
Howard Family
Howe Family
Howry Family
Huntoon Family
Johnson Family
Johnston Family
Johnston Family
Jones Family
Jordan Family
Kalb Family
Kasling Family
Kaspar Family
Kauffman Family
Kelly Family
Kelly Family
Kelly-Morgan Foundation
Kiesel Family
Kilpatrick Family
Kinard Family
Knox Family
Kong Family
Kopecky Family
Kopp Family
Kozmetsky Family
Krause Family
Kulp Family
Labunski Family
Lagarde Family
Lander Family
Langehennig Family
Laniel Family
Lary Family
Lea Family
Leatherberry Family
Leavitt Family
Lee Family
Levin Family
Lewis Family
Locke Family
Lockwood Family
Longoria Family
Lott Family
Lovelace Family
Lowe Family
Lowenberg Family
Mabry Family
Mahler Family
Mahmoud Family
Maldonado Family
Manning Family
Marich Family
Marshall Family
Mary Beth Polski
Mast Family
Mattar Family
Matthews Family
McCaig Family
McCarthy Family
McCord Family
McCornack Family
McCoy Family
McCreary Family
McDavid Family
McGrath Family
McInerney Family
McLean Family
McNeil Family
McNelis Family
McNelis Family
McWhorter Family
McWhorter Family
Medury Family
Mendez Family
Metcalf Family
Mileur Family
Murphy Family
Naglieri Family
Namendorf Family
Nehme Family
Newton Family
Nguyen Family
Nichol Family
Nieft Family
Nigrini Family
Nixon Family
Nolen Family
Noonan-Terry Family
Nurnberg Family
O'Neil Family
Palermo Family
Parrish Family
Paup Family
Paxton Family
Payan Family
Payne Family
Payne Family
Peck Family
Perez Family
Peschel Family
Peters Family
Peterson Family
Pezzulli Family
Powell Family
Quy Family
Radtke Family
Raesz Family
Ratcliff Family
Ratcliff Family
Reese Family
Reimers Family
Rice Family
Richards Family
Riemondi Family
Riley Family
Rivera Family
Rivera Family
Roberts Family
Rodriguez Family
Roy Family
Saldana Family
Salyer Familer
Sandlin Family
Sawyer Family
Schell Family
Schnier Family
Schroeder Family
Searight Family
Sha Family
Shapiro Family
Shaw Family
Shennum Family
Sherwood Family
Shields Family
Shirley Family
Shreves Family
Sims Family
Slusarek Family
Smith Family
Spears Family
Squires Family
Stanford Family
Stephenson Family
Still Family
Stojanik Family
Strihan Family
Suhr Family
Swayze Family
Tan Family
Thomson Family
Tian Family
Tierney Family
Townsend Family
Turnas Family
Turner Family
Turner Family
Utz Family
Valdes Family
Vasquez Family
Vassar Family
Vaughan Family
Vedadi Family
Vergara Family
Verret Family
Villanueva Family
Villarreal Family
Vivier Family
Voigt Family
Walker Family
Walker Family
Walters Family
Wanstrath Family
Weathers Family
West Family
Whitmarsh Family
Wilbratte Family
Williams Family
Williamson Family
Winson Family
Withers Family
Withers Family
Wolfe Family
Wyatt Family
Wyche Family
Yeng Family
Young Family
Zelinski Family
Zhao Family

Other Ways To Support

There are several volunteer opportunities available to support HPS through the giving of your time.

Every Gift Counts

Thank you for your consideration. When you support HPS, you are helping to develop and strengthen students.

We have various initiatives and ways of giving through the year. If you are interested in making a donation to Hyde Park Schools, please contact the Office of Advancement at 512-465-8333 or complete the transaction below.