Middle School

Enriching Critical Thinkers

Our Middle School students develop strong academic skills in an encouraging and supportive, Christ-centered environment. All learning is enhanced through classrooms that are interactive and that inspire students to discover God’s truth through each subject.

Our Middle School curriculum focuses on further developing student growth and mastery in ELA, Mathematics, History, and Science and is designed to prepare students thoroughly for our high school and beyond. Starting in middle school, students are able to take advanced courses in math and world languages for high school credit. Courses offered for High School credit include Geometry, Algebra 1, Spanish 1, Mandarin 1 and American Sign Language 1.

Middle schoolers are provided with a strong student life experience that includes leadership opportunities and extracurricular programs such as Athletics, fine arts, and academic competitions are designed to build character, instill discipline, and develop teamwork and leadership skills The middle school also hosts a successful academic support program, LEAP, which specifically serves students with diagnosed learning differences.

Our goal is to ensure that our students leave 8th grade confident and prepared intellectually, socially, and spiritually for the challenges of high school. Through excellence in academics and community through student life, our middle school is a thriving space for expression and development of our middle schoolers within a Christ centered culture.

Middle School
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Biblical Integration

Hyde Park Schools is deeply convicted by the calling and privilege to influence the spiritual development of students. With this in mind, students are invited to encounter Christ not just in their core classes, but through intentional course offerings and events that encourage their growth in the Christian faith. In Middle School, students experience a spectrum of Christian studies each week: Bible classes, chapel, as well as Advisory Time (a small group setting that helps students translate Bible teaching into everyday life and service). Through spiritual retreats, weekly Chapel services, daily Bible classes, school-wide Day of Service, and our service week called GOweek, students transform into confident Christian leaders with a strong sense of self and a desire to serve others.

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Middle School Leadership

Joaquin Guerrero
Middle School
Sierra Pierce
Assistant Principal
Middle School
Debbie Pakes
Middle School
Kimberly Hanna
LEAP Coordinator
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