Elementary School

Elementary School
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Inspiring Young Learners

The first years of a child’s education form the foundation for future success in every aspect of life. Our Elementary students receive a balanced and challenging program where confidence, talent, friendship, and individuality flourish. Guided by expert teachers, our Elementary School students are encouraged to discover their natural curiosity and master essential skills.

We build a solid foundation for all students through a blended approach to curriculum design, instruction, and assessment. Our teachers focus on student engagement and motivation because we believe that every student learns differently, and should be provided a variety of opportunities that meet their unique needs and abilities.  

In addition to our core academic subjects, we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, including fine arts, athletics, and chapel. Students also attend Spanish class two to three times a week which has a focus on culture as well as basic language acquisition. Students rotate between a variety of enrichment classes, including music, STEM, art, library and physical education.  Field experiences stem from the curriculum, allowing students to acquire knowledge first-hand from the community around them.

We believe that a Hyde Park education is more than just academics. It's about building relationships, developing critical thinking skills, and becoming lifelong learners. We are committed to providing our students with the tools they need to succeed in college, career, and life.

Biblical Integration

We are deeply committed to the call to inspire our youngest students to know God and understand His ways. With this in mind, elementary students are invited to encounter Christ not just in their core classes, but through intentional, age appropriate curriculum that sparks their curiosity and supports their understanding of the Christian faith. All Elementary School students will have daily Bible lessons and attend a weekly Chapel. They also participate in days of service that foster a gift of service and promote empathy for the greater community.

Elementary School Leadership

KimMarie Suhr
Elementary School
Aubrey Kirkpatrick
Assistant Principal
Elementary School
Shanna Wright
Student Life Coordinator
Elementary School
Valerie Ahrens
Elementary School
Lisa Gilbert
LEAP Coordinator
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